Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 2

We started for Riverwood when we woke up. When we got there we met an elf carrying some firewood.
"You passing through, Khajiit?" He asked us.
"Yes. Is there any work available in town?" I asked him. Brienda and I only had about 93 gold between us both.
"You wanna do my job for me?" He asked me.
"Sure. What?" I asked him.
"Go chop some wood and I'll come back and pay you for it. There's an ax over there that you'll need."
"Thanks, Khajiit." He turned and walked into town.
"Well, that was easy." Brienda said to me.
"Here, take some coin and go around town." I gave her 30 gold to spend.
"Alright, thanks, J'zeshi."
I went across a wooden plank path over the water to the wood pile. I saw the ax the elf mentioned and began chopping the wood. After about two hours the elf came over to me and started carrying the wood.
"Thanks, Khajiit," He took some of the wood,"Here take some coin."
He handed me a coin purse with about 40 gold inside,"Thankyou."
He left with the wood and I started across the plank bridge and went into the town. I saw people walking across the main street and talking to each other. I noticed a blacksmith on the left. I went over to him.
"You new here, Khajiit?" He asked me, pounding at the forge.
"Just passing through," I told him,"Can I sharpen my dagger at your grindstone?"
"You got the material?"
"I was thinking of buying it."
"Let me see the dagger and I can fix it up for you."
"Ok," I took the dagger out of my tunic and handed it to him.
"Elven Dagger, eh?" He said, looking at it,"Where'd you get this?"
"I found it in a cave a few months ago."
"I can sharpen it and fix it up for you for..."He thought,"Let's say 60 gold."
"Well,"I thought,"I'm not sure, I don't have much."
"Well, how about 48?" He asked.
"That I think is alright."I went through my knapsack and got out the 48 gold. I handed it to him.
"Thanks, hang on a second." He lumbered over to the grindstone and worked on it. I lied about where I got the dagger. I stole it from a bandit in a cave, rather than just finding it. I took some coin and the dagger and got out of there.
After about six minutes he got up and shook the dagger a few times and handed it to me.
"Thankyou, sir." I accepted. I walked back down the wooden stairs and looked around the town. I saw Brienda walking toward me.
"J'zeshi, I found a place to sleep tonight. An inn." She said.
"How much?" I asked her.
"Ten gold a room, did you get the coin from that elf?" She inquired.
"Yes, I did,"I told her, "I also fixed up my dagger at the blacksmith."
"How much was that?"
"48 gold." I told her
"Wait, how much did the elf give you?"
"40 gold." I informed her.
"Well, here's the rest of what I have," She handed me 16 gold,"Also, here's some bread."
I took the gold and put it in my sack. I ate the bread in a few seconds. It was kind of stale, but it was fine. We had 71 gold left, so we headed to the inn to see how much the room was.
As we opened door, we heard a bard singing a song about the dragons of the past.
"The owner is over here," Brienda pulled me. I saw a blonde Nord woman using an alchemy table,"This is my brother, J'zeshi."
She turned and said hello.
"How much for a room?" I asked her.
"Well we have two free rooms for each of you. One is ten gold." She told us.
"Ok, we'll take both, if that's ok," I searched for the coin,"Here."
She took the coin and brought it into a room. She came out and pointed to the two rooms, "Over there."
We walked into one of the rooms and talked for a few seconds,"So, pretty good, right?" She asked me.
"Yes. Glad to not sleep in a cave, again."
"Ha, well let's go into the main room and get some food?"
As we walked out of the room a drunken Nord screamed.
"We got a few kitty cats in the building!" He yelled, gulping more mead,"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
I ignored him and went to the cook," What do you have?"
"We got some beef. Just cooked." He said.
"How much?"I asked him.
"16 gold a pl-"
"KITTY CAT!! Meow!" The drunken Nord screamed.
"Embry get's too drunk sometimes." The cook said.
"Meow, meow, meow!" He yelled,"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!"
I got up and walked over to him.
"Kitty cat angwy?! Ha!"
I pulled back my fist and punched him right in the face and knocked the mead right out of his mouth. I walked back to the table with Brienda and the beef was ready.
The meat was good and tasty. After we were finished I headed to my room. Brienda followed me.
"Are you ok?" She asked.
"I'm fine," I told her,"I'm going to go to sleep now, I'm tired."
"Alright. I'm going to the town for a little longer."
"Here," I handed her the coin purse,"Don't spend it all."
"Alright," She walked out," Oh, and don't forget to write in your journal." She reminded me and shut the door.
I got it out and stared at the entry from yesterday. I turned the page and recalled the day.

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