Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 4

Yesterday was odd, today was insane.

I woke up with Brienda gone. I was kind of scared, but I thought she was downstairs. I went down there and didn't see her. I started to panic a little bit. I left the inn and looked around the market of Whiterun. The stalls and buildings, stairs and water to my right.
No Brienda. Then, out of no where I woke up in the inn, again. I looked next to me and saw her there, safe and sound. I shook my head and got up.
I went down to the inn and looked around no one was there. Well, I couldn't see anyone there. I was walking toward the door out and I bumped into someone.
"Look where you going!" Something said to me. I couldn't see anyone, for some reason.
"Oh, sorry." I said to him. I continued to the door with no mistakes. I opened the door and found myself in Riverwood, at the door of the inn. I looked left and saw what was there before, looked right and saw nothing. I felt like I was going insane. Was I dreaming? I don't know.
I carefully walked toward the blacksmith in Riverwood. I knocked on the door and it slid open.
"J'zeshi!" I heard a voice, Brienda's voice.
I found myself walking out of the Bannered Mare.
"Wha-where are we?" I stumbled.
"Are you alright? We're in Whiterun, remember?" She responded.
"Y-yeah." I looked around at the town, the sky and the people.
"You look scared. J'zeshi-"
"Hold on," I stopped her. I got out my dagger from my tunic and sliced my wrist,"Ah!"
"What's wrong with you?" She screamed.
I dropped the dagger on the ground and held my arm. Citizens were looking at me.
"I said, what's wrong, J'zeshi?!" She demanded.
I bent down and picked up my dagger. I put it back in my tunic and shook it off, "I'm fine."
"Why did you do that?" She asked me, angrily.
"I...I dunno. I felt weird. How much coin do we have?" I changed the subject.
"Let me check," She replied,"103."
"Let's get some food, then."
We walked over to a vegetable stand.
"What do you have?" I asked.
"What you see." The owner said.
I looked and saw some carrots. I had always been a fan of carrots.
...I think.
"I'll take some carrots," I told her,"How much?"
"Three for six." She responded.
"Alright," I handed her the coin and took the food. Brienda looked at me funny,"What?"
"You've never eated carrots before."
"So?" I chewed,"Here." I handed it to her.
"Is there a place we can sell rings?" I asked the vegetable vendor.
"Yeah, Belethor's shop over there," She pointed.
"Thank you."
We walked over to Belthor's shop and opened the door.
I found myself coming out of the inn, like before. I stood there for a few seconds. I saw Brienda looking at me. The same way as before.
"J'zeshi!" Brienda screamed.
"Let's go to the general store..." I said.
I walked over to the general store and opened the door. We made it this time. I took out the
ring and placed it on the desk.
"How much?" I asked.
"Let me see..." He stopped, the room stopped. I turned. Brienda was paused in place as well.
Next thing I knew, it was night time and I was on the floor of the store.
"J'zeshi!" Brienda screamed.
"I'm alright..." I told her,"Where's that ring? The coin?"
"Here, it's fine. He gave us 146 gold for it!" She said.
I knew that ring was cursed. Something about it scared me. I hope this will end the visions.
Let's go to the inn and sleep..." I told her.
"Hey, Khajiit," The shop owner called to me,"Next time down lay on my floor for hours."
"Sorry, sir. I haven't been feeling well."
"Hope you're alright. Have a nice day."
We went back to the inn and rented the room again. I started writing in the journal. I hope this odd thing is over now.

>Hope you're alright. Sorry, but I needed to find out what was wrong.

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